I am Alpha Alchemist [Higher Health is Inner Wealth]
Bein' Water @ The Speed of Life, Feelin' Wavy @ The Speed Of Light
Troy's Thoughtful Transcendental Timelessness Towards Transformation of Truth, Thinking & Talking
I Am

I Am Alpha Alchemist.

Middle name’s Alan so I’d figure fiddle under the riddle of Alpha Alchemist.

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To Me, Alpha is more about the Physical, Alchemist more about the Mental.

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To Me, Alchemist is more about the Mental/Spiritual, Alpha is more about the physical/emotional.

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Meet Alpha Alchemist aka ALPHALETE

Start Pure. Stay Pure. Never Stop. Never Settle.

30 Day Functional Fitness Flow

Start Pure.Stay Pure.Feel Pure.Be Pure.

You can't Fake Fitness. You want Fresh & Fluid? Trim & Firm? Aim to get Slim at the Gym? Freely Flow into Fantastic Fitness Fashion with our Fun & Friendly Fitness Frenzy and Force your results to the next level. Half of the battle is to GAIN it, the other half is to RETAIN it. A community challenge is what you need. Welcome to your Digital Sweatshop #SweatEquity

The Transformation Truth Test

Living a Lighter,Leaner,Longer Lifestyle

The vision, mission, emotion and action is in the age-old axiom "out with the old, in with the new" - from energy exhaustion to synergy optimization - no matter the behavior, beliefs, or belongings; being beautiful & bold boils down to living out your highest purpose & passion. Learn how to leverage Life-Long transformation and lead the charge the luxurious lifestyle living #TransformationTrainer

Real Results to Restore Rhythm

Superhuman Stamina, Speed & Strength

Hear from the Heart How a Handful of our Healthy Habit Hacks help harness & highlight everyday Happiness that avoids daily wear & tear. From sugar to supplements, secret sauces and special surprises, stick to our Sweet & Sexy Self-Love Script for simple, supple, subtle strategy shifts with Shanks' Sensational Superhuman Success Series. #ShanksStyle

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Alpha Alchemist Transformation Training

Symbolic Iconic Identities

30 Day Alpha Awareness Challenge

Week 1 (The Setup)
Week 2 (The Belief)
Week 3 (The Grind)
Week 4 (The Alpha Status)

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Alpha Alchemist
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